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Welcome to Calinour Cattery, home of the beautiful Waterfalls and Gorge, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Marcella and about 18 years ago I purchased my first Himalayan Seal point when my son was a month old. I had always dreamed of one day starting my own cattery and now I'm finally making this dream a reality. I'm very thankful that my daughter, my son and my husband also love cats as much as I do. All our cats are raised underfoot and are free to go everywhere in our home. They are not caged as we believe that they are part of the family and are our pets first and foremost.

I'm very particular about cleanliness, keep a closed cattery and seek out the latest in veterinarian care and we are very grateful for all the support and excellent care that our precious babies receive from the Grand-Falls Vet Clinic. We are thankful to have two very efficient vets: Monique Masse and Julie Rouillard and staff who are always just a phone call away. We give our cats the best quality food and treats purchased from our veterinarian "Medical" - only the best for our well socialized, loved, and pampered Himalayans and Persians! I endeavor to breed healthy, gorgeous, affectionate, companion pets, show, and breeding cats.

Please leave your paw print in our guestbook and feel free to email me to inquire about a certain kitten or any questions you may have about our Cattery.

You can reach us at: 1-506-473-4167 Thank you for visiting Calinour Cattery

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